Artist Management, Tactical Media Consultant


Talent Agent, Live Event Production

Tactical Media Consultant

We specialize in a comprehensive understanding of all medium and the best way for our clients’ creative expressions and intellectual property to be fully monetized. We utilize the best of the old school and the latest in tech to create the best opportunity for our clients’ ability to succeed. We use the latest in technology without sacrificing humanity. We help the artist to see where they are, where they want to be and assist them in how they want to get there.

Artist Management

Our artist managers work with a team of people to advise our clients on all business decisions relating to their careers including managing budgets, personal financial advice, booking events, negotiating contracts, handling publicity and more. We use all mediums and technology available for the best interest of our clients from protecting their vision to protecting their business.

Talent Agent

Our talent agents work with our artists to showcase their work in the best way possible. Our expertise and contacts create booking and additional revenue streams for our artists.

Virtual Entertainment Company

We have the ability to provide a complete entertainment company from A to Z. Utilizing a combination of our in-house staff and closely associated industry professionals, we give you all the benefits of a full-service entertainment company without the problems associated with funding your own business. The appearance to the public is a company owned and operated by the artist.

Strategic Business Planning

This is a segment of our full tactical media consulting program: We can help you develop a strategic business plan that fits your needs and goals. We can provide financial forecasting as well as legal and accounting services, including royalties, cash disbursements, and other business needs.

Live Event Production

We have extensive experience in live production of everything from corporate events, small and large concerts, festivals, launch parties, and exclusive house concerts. We can run the entire event for you, or rent you the necessary equipment and services for you unique event.

Creative Services

We have a diverse group of top art directors, creative directors and web designers to help you create an integrated branding and marketing campaign. We can assist with publicity, advertising, and package design.

Merchandise Services

We can provide the design, manufacture and distribution for any and all your merchandising needs.

Radio Promotion

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Retail Marketing

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Web Design & Digital Media Services

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